Great outside, great inside – Hiking and Gourmet food – enjoy!

Mallorca Hiking Gourmet restaurantsTaking a Walking/Hiking holiday or short break is of course a healthy, refreshing way of really appreciating the beauty and sights of a new environment. As we mentioned in our previous post, there are many advantages of doing this with a local guide. But one, very significant advantage that will actually be more relevant AFTER the walking is knowing the best places to EAT – and in Mallorca you are spoilt for choice.

Mallorca through the centuries has always had many cultural influences – many times brought by conquering armies and more recently through a more civilised source with tourism. These cultural influences have also brought their culinary influences and Mallorca is now home to hundreds of different styles and tastes from Fast Food to the highest levels of gourmet cuisine.

Five restaurants have been awarded the prestigious Michelin Star in Mallorca for 2011 – two of them being new awards.  But great food is not limited to the excellence of the Michelin chefs. Mallorca has a strong history of excellent food and also a very versatile use of the unlikeliest food items particularly from it’s farming roots of previous centuries.

The pig was and still is a popular ingredient to many local dishes including the now famous sobrasada; the very popular roasted suckling pig and also variations of the Frito Mallorquin which is a descendant of the poorest families’ staple diet in olden days.

Pa amb oli is another Mallorquin favourite with varied platters. These are usually cold dish choices with either a meat or cheese selection (but can also be fish) served with a thinly sliced rustic Mallorcan bread; olive oil; ramallet (spreading) tomatoes, garlic and sea salt. Simply crush the thin skinned ‘ramallet’ tomatoes with a garlic clove, sea salt and a generous glug of olive oil and serve on a slab of rustic bread. A variety of toppings can then be added from slices of locally cured hams, chorizos and sobrasadas or cheese. This meal choice is particularly popular through the summer and can last for hours along with great conversation and some superb Mallorquin wines.

The Mediterranean diet also includes many fresh salads and there are lots of local markets serving a wonderful array of home grown fruits and vegetables. Together with the local olive oil and the now famous Flor de Sal flavoured sea salts from Ses Salines – another great meal combination.

Fresh seafood is also very popular in Mallorca. The fishing ports of Andratx, Soller and Palma itself still holds fresh fish markets daily, direct from the returning fishing boats. The age old custom of the fishermen sitting repairing their nets with the gulls floating overhead still continues today. Everybody has their special fish restaurant to recommend but my favourite (and many others for over 30 years) is Casa Manolo’s in Ses Salines.

Preparing for your visit to Mallorca there are many authoritative web sites now dedicated purely to your gastronomic enjoyment whilst here on the island. Our recommendation for the widest and most current range of information, news and even video interviews with the chefs and owners of the hundreds of venues you can visit is the award winning Sky Blue Mallorca

Do not be daunted by this incredible choice and the gastronomic delights that await you in Mallorca – your guides are well equipped to help you make the best choices during your stay. But we have to warn you – you’ll definitely need to return for more!!


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