Guided Walking Holidays – 7 Advantages That Will Make it Irresistible

Today we feature a gue7 Advantages of Guided Walking Toursst post from Tom Oxby –  a seasoned hiker who regularly writes about Walking Holidays. Here’s his summary on booking a guided walking holiday:

There are plenty of adventure travel companies that offer guided walking holidays. So why are they so popular and what are the advantages:

The guides
With a guided walking holiday you have experienced guides who know the route. They will point out local vegetation, natural landmarks and sites of historic importance. In case of emergency they are there to assist. Also your guide can provide a wealth of information on everything from the popular use of trekking poles, types of English sheep to using a GPS or map reading.

The trails
The travel company runs the walking holidays on the same trails all year long and knows what works best and is most interesting for their hiking guests. Information is provided in advance on the terrain, elevations and distance. Some companies run different levels of walks each day for beginners to advanced hikers.

Getting to the trail head
This can be a hassle when planning your own walking holiday. With a guided walking holiday the company provides chartered buses which get you to the trail head in a timely fashion. Some companies do use local transportation and are familiar with the schedules and obtaining tickets.

Accommodation is located close to where you will be hiking and is used to having this type of client. Your hotels have been booked for the season so the travel company has developed a relationship with the hotel should problems arise. Some travel companies operate their own hotels, particularly in England.

Meet other hikers
It is always a wonderful experience to meet and talk with others from around the world. They frequently have interesting views of other walking holiday destinations, suggestions on hiking gear. In the evening you have a ready made group when visiting a pub or bar and restaurants.

Some or all healthy meals are generally usually included and group dining is generally cheaper.

A travel company can arrange the accommodation, local transportation and meals at a rate cheaper than you could arrange yourself. As a bonus you have a guide so you can save money on guide books and maps if you wish as well.

Never considered a guided walking holiday, these seven advantages make it an irresistible option.

Guest Article courtesy Tom Oxby: Walking Holidays

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