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Vineyard tours with Tailor Made holidays from Mallorca HikingFollowing on from our Mallorca Food posts, a superb collection of local wines. Wine making in Mallorca goes back to 1 BC and the Romans, who showed the locals how to grow and cultivate the vines – a skill that is today producing some of the finest wines in a world market. Wine making was prolific on the island between the 14th and 19th century, when a plague of phylloxera attacked the Mallorcan vineyards. The wine industry was decimated by this disease and most of the vineyards were subsequently replaced with almond trees. Although some wine production continued, it was not until the 1990’s that real investment and determination by local vineyards resurrected this great Mallorquin tradition. From this “re-animation” the wine making process of many of the Mallorcan vineyards has advanced significantly over the last few years, giving us an envious selection of red, white and rosé wines to choose from.

The equipment found in most vineyards is now of the latest technology with stainless steel installations and storage tanks; sophisticated refrigeration and temperature control for the fermentation process, and maturing of the wine in oak barrels.

A quality standard was introduced by the Balearic Councillor for Agriculture and Fisheries in 2007, which can only be used by wines grown, produced and bottled in Mallorca. Similar to the French AOC designation, the ‘Denominacio d’Origen’ classification ensures the quality of Mallorcan wines.

A wide range of grape varieties are used including: cabernet sauvignon, merlot, chardonnay, vionier and malvasia. Blending is also becoming popular and creating some excellent variations of what used to be a limited selection. Monastrel is the traditional wine grape used in Mallorca, which alone had not produced very imaginative or distinctive wines. Now, bringing in more grape varieties and blending has seen a dramatic improvement in choice and quality.

There are two key wine producing “districts” in Mallorca:  The first is located around Binissalem and Santa Maria in the centre of the island. Here there are more than 140 different wines produced from vineyards including the now well known Jose Louis Ferrer family and the bodega of Macia Batle. The second is to the east of the island centering around Porreres, Manacor and Felanitx. Here another 130 or so different wines are produced.

The result of all the investment and dedication poured into the vineyards of Mallorca over the last twenty years is now recognition worldwide for many of our wines. This year at the prestigious Mundus Vini awards the bodega Macia Batle won two gold and one silver award at a worldwide blind tasting competition (5800 wines from 42 different countries). At the same awards Bodegas José L. Ferrer received one gold medal and two silver. These are just a few of the long list of awards now pouring in for our fine Mallorcan wines.

The phenomenal success and growth of this gourmet market in Mallorca is now seeing our vineyards opening to the public for tours and tasting activities that are becoming very popular for many tourists visiting the island. Mallorca Hiking for 2011 will be adding tours of bodegas to the Tailor Made holiday activities – why not add this to your holiday itinerary with us. If you would like more information contact us here for details.

With such an irresistible combination of inspiring walks, great gourmet food and wine, plus an incredible range of alternative activities to complement your holiday – don’t waste another minute …. contact us now to make your reservation.

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