What do you expect from a Walking Holiday?

Great Expectations for WalkingIf you have never been on a Walking Holiday you may not know what to expect. Many still have visions of ramblers with canes, sleeping in hedgerows and cooking with a “Billy can” – well the good news is that walking holidays have become much more sophisticated. Here’s a little overview of what to expect:

Today there is much more awareness of health and the need for exercise, and outdoor pursuits are becoming a lot more popular – which makes combining a holiday with a mixture of walking and relaxing a popular choice. Our lives move at a rapid rate now with internet, mobile connections, email, rapid transport connections, fast food and more, so this is an opportunity to slow down a bit. A walking holiday is a healthy and excellent way to see the beauty of your surroundings, delve into a little history, digest, explore and discover places off the beaten track that many others would never get to see.

At Mallorca Hiking our walking routes are varied and carefully graded at Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Difficult to allow beginners as well as experienced walkers to enjoy their holiday at a pace that is right for them. All our walks are led by an experienced local guide who will share his or her knowledge and expertise of the flora, fauna, history and culture of the island. You get to see and experience parts of the island that you would never find by yourself. All of our guides are fully qualified in first aid, so you are in safe hands at all times even in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Everything arranged for you – no stress

From hotel bookings to airport transfers, transport to and from walks, restaurant reservations, any additional activities you might like to include in your holiday, and much more – we organise everything for you, taking all the stress out of your holiday arrangements. Our team and our partners are local people, so we have local knowledge and local contacts – we know what makes Mallorca exceptional.

And throughout your holiday, we’re here to help – we’re available and contactable at all times.

And a bit of luxury

The added benefits of our holidays are the extra touches and the special interest themes that complement the physical rewards of walking and fresh air. A warm welcome and the comfort of the best local, Mallorcan, boutique accommodation; local foods: from gourmet restaurants & bodegas to many additional pastimes and local cultural events and fiestas to combine with your walking itinerary.

Choosing your walking holiday

We have a range of scheduled walking breaks so that if you’re traveling on your own you can simply book up and join one of our small groups. Alternatively, you can make up your own tailor made walking holiday exclusively for your family or group. In either case, there is always plenty of opportunity for other activities or simply to relax, take some time at the beach or read a good book in a hammock at your hotel!

We’re here to help you plan every detail

Whatever questions you may have prior to arriving in Mallorca – we are here to answer them. We’ll advise you and help provide the best solution for your holiday.

– Where do I want to walk?

– What do I want to see and do?

– How difficult and/or strenuous do I want the walks to be?

– How many miles/hours a day do I want to walk?

– Am I fit enough to do this particular walk?

– Do I simply want to go with family & friends or do I want to meet new people?

– What meals are provided and what’s the accommodation going to consist of?

These are just some of the queries we hear and with ten years experience we can assure you that you’ll arrive confident of every last detail.

Curious? Why not give us a call or drop us an email to talk through your next holiday?

Get out of the Rat race – Start Walking in 2011

New Year Resolution - WalkingJanuary the 1st and everybody busily sets their New Year resolutions. The Christmas over-eating scores heavily on fitness and weight loss as a popular objective. And the usual solution? Another Gym membership – that may get 3 months use. Why not try something different this year?
Our daily routines are often compared to a “Rat Race” – then we finish our dialy toil and head off to the gym to get on another treadmill! Take the decision to escape the norm this year – Join the Mallorca Hiking Walking Club.
Here’s the good news:
- There’s no joining fee
- There’s no minimum amount of walks or months to take on
- You choose when you come along
- You can bring a friend – or several
- You will discover all the beauty and hidden treasures of Mallorca
- You will discover, history and culture you did not know existed
And you will get fit, feel more energetic,enjoy wide open spaces and
…escape that rat Race (even if only for a few hours).
Every week there are different Guided Walks and Tours. Check our Calendar and our Web Page to see the walks for this (and every) week.
If you fancy something special for you and some friends we can also arrange Tailor Made Walks to adapt to your tastes and scenery. Maybe:
- a Vineyard tour
- Including a traditional mallorquin lunch
- A monastry or a mountain – you choose it’s your Walk.
Take the opportunity in 2011 to discover the beauty around you that is Mallorca. You won’t regret it. And you won’t miss the treadmill at the Gym!

Your Body’s reactions to Walking

your body's reaction to walking

All throughout this week on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (click the links and follow, please!) you will find many Walking Facts and how it can positively affect your life and health.

Here we have your body’s account of what is happening within – from taking that first step, to getting well into your stride. This analysis has been researched by US-based exercise physiologist Martica Heaner, PhD – so comes with a medical seal of authenticity!

So, for a minute-by-minute run-down of what your body does when you’re working on your walking, read on:

Minutes 1 to 5  Your first few steps trigger your cells to release energy-producing chemicals that fuel your walking. Your heart rate revs from about 70 to 100 beats per minute (bpm), boosting blood flow and warming muscles.

Any stiffness subsides as joints release lubricating fluid to help you move more easily. Once you get moving, your body burns about 20 kJ (5 cal) per minute (its resting rate is just 4 kJ per minute). Your body needs more fuel and starts to draw on its carbohydrate and fat stores.

Minutes 6 to 10 Your heartbeat increases from 100 to approximately 140 bpm. As you pick up the pace, you burn up to 25 kJ (6 cal) per minute. The body then releases chemicals that expand blood vessels to counter the slight rise in blood pressure; this release brings more blood and oxygen to working muscles.

Minutes 11 to 20 Your body temperature keeps rising, and as blood vessels near the skin expand to release heat, you start to sweat. As your walk becomes brisker, you burn up to 30 kJ (7 cal) a minute and start to breathe harder. Hormones such as adrenalin and glucagon rise to release fuel to the muscles.

Minutes 21 to 45 Feeling invigorated, you start to relax as your body releases tension. This is partly thanks to a dose of feel-good brain chemicals such as endorphins. As more fat is burned, insulin (which helps store fat) drops—excellent news for anyone battling excess weight or diabetes.

Minutes 46 to 60 Your muscles may feel fatigued as your body reduces its carb stores. As you cool down, your heart rate decreases and your breathing slows. You’re burning fewer kilojoules, but more than you were before you began. And your kilojoule burn remains elevated for up to 1 hour.

And all that in just 60 minutes – just think of the benefits of spreading that over a week or two in the idyllic island setting of Mallorca. Don’t delay, head over to our website now to start planning that well deserved break – your body will thank you!