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For those of you who may have missed some of our Facebook posts for: What’s On In Mallorca; Top Tips for Hiking; Daily comments and lots more – here’s our weekly round up (Be sure to “Like” our Facebook Page here if you are not already a Fan…)

22.01.11 Don’t forget the Fireworks displays in Palma tonight celebrating the end of the San Sebastian fiestas. In front of the Parque del Mar (Cathedral) at 21.00 hrs http://ow.ly/3IjSU

22.01.11 Here’s the next seven days weather predictions, cool but sunny! Ideal for our walks on Thursday and Saturday next week – have you called us to reserve your place? http://ow.ly/3IitE

22.01.11 Top Tip – for today’s weather: Wear layers. Temperature control is as vital for walking as it is for running, so wear plenty of layers that you can take off if you get hot or vice versa – so you’re always walking at a comfortable temperature. http://ow.ly/3IimE

22.01.11 You may have attended the animal blessings in Palma last Thursday or in your pueblo last Sunday or Monday, or you may not have attended any Beneïdes whatsoever. Well, it’s not too late if you want to take your goldfish, your dog or your horse, if you should be so inclined….   Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

22.01.11 Good morning Hikers, today is a frosty, fresh morning in Mallorca. Ideal walking weather. Start with brisk, long strides to increase circulation, then when you achieve a “glow” – take in the beauty around you.

21.01.11  New Mallorcan cuisine: Can March Restaurant in Manacor Can March Restaurant in Manacor was first founded in 1925. It has always been in the same family and is now run by brothers, Miquel and Tolo and is a busy and popular restaurant. Miquel is in charge in the kitchen and Tolo is in charge of service. It’s a winning com…  Source:SkyBlue Mallorca for Mallorca Restaurants, Wine Estates & Gourmet Prod

21.01.11 Two lovely walks scheduled for next week – on Thursday we’re doing an easy and leisurely walk around Es Capdella to see the almond blossom, and on Saturday we’re hiking the loop around Tossals Verds. We’ll post more info next week. Have a great weekend!

21.01.11 Free-Fall At Es Pontàs Es Pontàs is an impressive bridge-shaped rock anchored in the Mediterranean Sea near Cala Santanyí. In times gone past, the natural monument has attracted a large number of artists, all striving to capture the rock’s magic on their canvasses. Nowadays, the rock entices …  Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

20.01.11 Good morning everybody – today can you tell us where in the world was your favourite walking experience – close your eyes, remember the time…

20.01.11 Rural Wanderings – Es Capdella & the Galatzo Estate After the noise and excitement of the San Sebastian festivities in Palma, what better way to wind down than an idyllic and gentle hike through the wonderful Galatzo Estate and the village & countryside of Es Capdella. Stunning views blended with the aroma of the almond … Source:http://blog.mallorcahiking.com/blog/feed

20.01.11 Don’t forget to Hike into Plaza España tomorrow to see Mago de Oz performing at 21.00 hrs – more details here: http://ow.ly/3GOP1

Fiery Fiestas in January for Mallorca | Walking in Mallorca January enjoys two of the most vibrant fiestas both deeply rooted in folklore and celebrated with bonfires; street parties; firework displays and live musical events through all the main squares of Palma city.

20.01.11 Do you know anybody who would appreciate the great outdoors and to explore the hidden treasures of Mallorca? Help us spread the word about Mallorca Hiking by sharing our Page with your friends – Muchisimas Gracias!!

20.01.11 Do you know Mallorca? Where is your favourite spot – or where would you like to visit? Comment below – thanks!

20.01.11 We hope all of you in Mallorca enjoyed the festivities in Palma last night for the celebration of San Sebastian. If you have some photos can you please upload them here for all our followers outside of Mallorca to see how we celebrate on the island. Muchas gracias.

20.01.11 Top Tip: Wearing hiking boots is a better idea than wearing shoes. Trails can become rough; boots prevent twisted ankles or knees.

20.01.11 Correfoc Fun At Sant Sebastià Don’t go shopping in Palma de Mallorca today. Everywhere but bars will be shut for festivities all day today, as the Festa de Sant Sebastià is being celebrated. The saint is the patron saint of Mallorca’s capital city, Palma. Festive celebrations have already been going…  Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

19.01.11 Wine Courses and Tastings in Majorca Millesimée Wine Shop in Palma de Mallorca is one of the wine shops profiled on SkyBlue Mallorca Food & Wine Guide. Millesimée is run by Marina Mut, a professional sommelier with a passion for sparkling wine, cava and champagne. Marina organises regular wine tasting work… Source:SkyBlue Mallorca for Mallorca Restaurants, Wine Estates & Gourmet Prod

19.01.11  Vineyard tour with Martin Ward – January

18.01.11 Look out for Mallorca Hikings Top Tips for walking and hiking coming soon. Do you have any advice or preparation that you use before going off on a hike? – or maybe a remedy for your tired feet afterwards – comment below with your tip…

18.01.11 On the 26th of January – discover the culture and history of Soller: http://ow.ly/3xSdf Travel back in time with Mallorca Hiking…

Soller Excursion – Art & Villages | Walking in Mallorca | Guided Walks in Majorca Soller – Art & Villages Excursion

17.01.11  Fiery Fiestas in January January enjoys two of the most vibrant fiestas here in Mallorca, and both are deeply rooted in folklore. They are celebrated with bonfires, street parties, firework displays and live musical events throughout all the main squares of Palma and many villages. The first fi… Source:http://blog.mallorcahiking.com/blog/feed

17.01.11  The Animal Blessing Ritual The blessing of the animals is an essential and indispensable part of Mallorca’s Sant Antoni celebrations. The ritual is called Beneïdes and quite possibly has its origins in pre-Christian times when country people depended on wind and weather for pure survival, as did …  Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

16.01.11 Blossom Fever: guided walking holidays in Mallorca February is a fabulous time of year in Mallorca, and it is when the almond blossom is at its best. Mallorca is famous for its almonds and every year the island comes alive with landscapes of blossoming almond trees – and thousands of visitors flying in to marvel at it’…Source:http://blog.mallorcahiking.com/blog/feed

16.01.11  What is your favourite place to walk in Mallorca? Tell us your favourite spot and why – just click on the comment button and tell us now…

16.01.11  An easy walking excursion with lunch Wednesday at 10:00  From La Granja to beautiful Banyalbufar…

The New Residents Hiking Club 1st Official Walk..

Mallorca Hiking ClubThere is still time to qualify for a free membership for the all new Mallorca Hiking Resident’s Club. Just click back to our introductory article here and complete the three simple Facebook entries – we will be closing up this offer this weekend.

The first official club walk will be on the 12th of March – giving you all just 3 weeks to limber up those muscles and break in your Hiking boots. The first walk will be the very popular walk from our full range of walks as found on our main web site. Affectionately known as The Old Postman’s Route – a beautiful walk between Esporles and Banyalbufar and an ideal trek for first timers to the Hiking fraternity.

This delightful, linear walk  can either be done on its own, or it can be combined with another fabulous walk Ref. W-NW01 to create a more ambitious full day’s hike. Done on its own, it’s a fairly easy walk with a few climbs and some tricky cobbled surfaces (which are fine with the right footwear!). It is a particularly good walk to do when the temperatures have started to rise, as it is mostly in beautiful holm oak woods, where we can enjoy the dappled shade!

We usually start at the car park of La Granja, although we can also start in the centre of Esporles, making it a slightly longer trip(about 2.5 hours). We begin by climbing through some ancient broken down olive terraces, along cobbled paths and then we continue through the holm oak woods, where we pass a natural spring and a couple of old lime kilns. Every now and then there is a clearing from which we get fantastic sea views.

Our route then begins to descend steeply via a country lane into Banyalbufar, giving us an amazing perspective on a gentle rural life here, and the surrounding terraces and Moorish irrigation systems, which made this part of the island such a successful wine growing area in its time.

We end our trip with a wander around the village before getting the public bus back to Esporles and a good time will be had by all.

Of course it will be obligatory to bring along your cameras and compare your scenic shots on Facebook afterwards! For those of you on your first long walk, we highly recommend reading our previous articles on Being Prepared and Seven Key Facts for Beginners. The good news is there will always be some experienced walkers who will be able to give you some great Hiking tips – and with regular practice you will soon be progressing to the intermediary and more energetic walks.

Tomorrow we will be announcing the lucky entrants and Founder members into the Mallorca Hiking Resident’s club (fanfare please!), don’t forget to put the date in your diary for that first walk – everybody must be there for this one!

Now off to your homework and read up on all our great tips.

Happy Hiking.

Our Facebook Round-Up

Mallorca is a much misunderstood and often maligned Mediterranean island. It is so much more than a package holiday resort for low cost summer holidays in the sun – away from the high-rise hotels and manicured beaches of the mass tourist resorts (which incidentally cover only a tiny proportion of the island), there is another Mallorca – a far more alluring, varied and totally different world. Thankfully, not all Mallorca’s beaches and…
The sun is shining in Mallorca & the mountains are calling – who fancies leaving the office & getting some fresh air?

Mallorca hiking is launching a Residents Hiking club very soon – are you interested in joining – leave us a comment below
It’s hard to say what single item would come to one’s mind when one would try to associate things typical of Spain. Flamenco would perhaps rank in the forefront, or paella, or lemon trees, or sangría, or bullfights; what do you think? Come to think of it, maybe tapas are the most typical invention of today’s Spain. There are various theories as to how tapas came about….Source: Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

Good morning Hikers – what are your plans for the weekend – have a look at all these great walks for inspiration:

VISIT ES BALUARD MUSEUM FREE Sunday’s for the month of February from 10am to 8pm. The Museum is located at Plaza Porta de Santa Catalin
Do you like Almonds? Check out our latest post for all the best things you can do with the alluring almond: http://ow.ly/3UAuX

Almonds are one of Mallorca’s main crops and cover a surface of over 60,000 hectares in the Balearics, of which 90% are in Mallorca and produce around 14,000 tons of this precious dried fruit.

Saturday 12th – MARMALADE DAY: at Sa Taronja (C/Andalucia, 23) in Andratx. Picking, squeezing and cutting them, from 11am cooking the marmalade 3.30pm to 4.30pm filling the jars.5 euros. Children are free. Helpers go home with two pots of “bio” marmalade. All ages welcome. Bring pots. http://ow.ly/3UtXX

Historically Almonds became popular in Mallorca in the 18th century at the expense of the vineyards. Almond trees were planted in their thousands to replace the grape vines that had been devastated by the outbreak of phylloxera. Today Mallorca has close to five million almond trees and the island’s landscape is at its finest when the almond trees blossom….Source: http://blog.mallorcahiking.com/blog/feed
Mallorca Planetarium Costitx Thu, Fri, Sat. A relaxing trip across night sky discover the key stars & constellations 20:00 Tel: 971 513 344.

What a perfect day’s hiking in Soller – it doesn’t get better!

Today we revisit the importance of for a hiking or walking holiday. Following these simple, commonsense tips will help ensure you don’t have wasted days because you’ve taken on too much, or because you didn’t realise what is involved – especially if you are not a regular walker. Read on… Regardless if you are a professional or a novice on a walking holiday, it is still really important to go on a…

another fabulous day in the Sóller valley – this is Biniaraix

Thursday, 17 February 2011 at 10:00
Es Capdella
15 Hours and Counting to the release details for Mallorca Hiking Residents’ Club . Twelve noon Sunday 13th February http://ow.ly/3Vi1Y

Specialised guided walking tours for people of all ages and abilities on the Balearic island of Mallorca. Outdoor activities hiking, sailing, diving and specialised Gourmet, Food, Wine and Cultural packages

Introducing Mallorca Hiking’s new residents* walking club (Be sure to see the Special Introductory Offer at the end of this article – but read the article first!) You may have been living in Mallorca for a short time or have had a home here for many years – but the reality is that you probably still haven’t seen even a small proportion of this beautiful island that we live on. It is also true…