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For those of you who may have missed some of our Facebook posts for: What’s On In Mallorca; Top Tips for Hiking; Daily comments and lots more – here’s our weekly round up (Be sure to “Like” our Facebook Page here if you are not already a Fan…)

22.01.11 Don’t forget the Fireworks displays in Palma tonight celebrating the end of the San Sebastian fiestas. In front of the Parque del Mar (Cathedral) at 21.00 hrs http://ow.ly/3IjSU

22.01.11 Here’s the next seven days weather predictions, cool but sunny! Ideal for our walks on Thursday and Saturday next week – have you called us to reserve your place? http://ow.ly/3IitE

22.01.11 Top Tip – for today’s weather: Wear layers. Temperature control is as vital for walking as it is for running, so wear plenty of layers that you can take off if you get hot or vice versa – so you’re always walking at a comfortable temperature. http://ow.ly/3IimE

22.01.11 You may have attended the animal blessings in Palma last Thursday or in your pueblo last Sunday or Monday, or you may not have attended any Beneïdes whatsoever. Well, it’s not too late if you want to take your goldfish, your dog or your horse, if you should be so inclined….   Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

22.01.11 Good morning Hikers, today is a frosty, fresh morning in Mallorca. Ideal walking weather. Start with brisk, long strides to increase circulation, then when you achieve a “glow” – take in the beauty around you.

21.01.11  New Mallorcan cuisine: Can March Restaurant in Manacor Can March Restaurant in Manacor was first founded in 1925. It has always been in the same family and is now run by brothers, Miquel and Tolo and is a busy and popular restaurant. Miquel is in charge in the kitchen and Tolo is in charge of service. It’s a winning com…  Source:SkyBlue Mallorca for Mallorca Restaurants, Wine Estates & Gourmet Prod

21.01.11 Two lovely walks scheduled for next week – on Thursday we’re doing an easy and leisurely walk around Es Capdella to see the almond blossom, and on Saturday we’re hiking the loop around Tossals Verds. We’ll post more info next week. Have a great weekend!

21.01.11 Free-Fall At Es Pontàs Es Pontàs is an impressive bridge-shaped rock anchored in the Mediterranean Sea near Cala Santanyí. In times gone past, the natural monument has attracted a large number of artists, all striving to capture the rock’s magic on their canvasses. Nowadays, the rock entices …  Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

20.01.11 Good morning everybody – today can you tell us where in the world was your favourite walking experience – close your eyes, remember the time…

20.01.11 Rural Wanderings – Es Capdella & the Galatzo Estate After the noise and excitement of the San Sebastian festivities in Palma, what better way to wind down than an idyllic and gentle hike through the wonderful Galatzo Estate and the village & countryside of Es Capdella. Stunning views blended with the aroma of the almond … Source:http://blog.mallorcahiking.com/blog/feed

20.01.11 Don’t forget to Hike into Plaza España tomorrow to see Mago de Oz performing at 21.00 hrs – more details here: http://ow.ly/3GOP1

Fiery Fiestas in January for Mallorca | Walking in Mallorca January enjoys two of the most vibrant fiestas both deeply rooted in folklore and celebrated with bonfires; street parties; firework displays and live musical events through all the main squares of Palma city.

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20.01.11 Do you know Mallorca? Where is your favourite spot – or where would you like to visit? Comment below – thanks!

20.01.11 We hope all of you in Mallorca enjoyed the festivities in Palma last night for the celebration of San Sebastian. If you have some photos can you please upload them here for all our followers outside of Mallorca to see how we celebrate on the island. Muchas gracias.

20.01.11 Top Tip: Wearing hiking boots is a better idea than wearing shoes. Trails can become rough; boots prevent twisted ankles or knees.

20.01.11 Correfoc Fun At Sant Sebastià Don’t go shopping in Palma de Mallorca today. Everywhere but bars will be shut for festivities all day today, as the Festa de Sant Sebastià is being celebrated. The saint is the patron saint of Mallorca’s capital city, Palma. Festive celebrations have already been going…  Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

19.01.11 Wine Courses and Tastings in Majorca Millesimée Wine Shop in Palma de Mallorca is one of the wine shops profiled on SkyBlue Mallorca Food & Wine Guide. Millesimée is run by Marina Mut, a professional sommelier with a passion for sparkling wine, cava and champagne. Marina organises regular wine tasting work… Source:SkyBlue Mallorca for Mallorca Restaurants, Wine Estates & Gourmet Prod

19.01.11  Vineyard tour with Martin Ward – January

18.01.11 Look out for Mallorca Hikings Top Tips for walking and hiking coming soon. Do you have any advice or preparation that you use before going off on a hike? – or maybe a remedy for your tired feet afterwards – comment below with your tip…

18.01.11 On the 26th of January – discover the culture and history of Soller: http://ow.ly/3xSdf Travel back in time with Mallorca Hiking…

Soller Excursion – Art & Villages | Walking in Mallorca | Guided Walks in Majorca Soller – Art & Villages Excursion

17.01.11  Fiery Fiestas in January January enjoys two of the most vibrant fiestas here in Mallorca, and both are deeply rooted in folklore. They are celebrated with bonfires, street parties, firework displays and live musical events throughout all the main squares of Palma and many villages. The first fi… Source:http://blog.mallorcahiking.com/blog/feed

17.01.11  The Animal Blessing Ritual The blessing of the animals is an essential and indispensable part of Mallorca’s Sant Antoni celebrations. The ritual is called Beneïdes and quite possibly has its origins in pre-Christian times when country people depended on wind and weather for pure survival, as did …  Source:Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

16.01.11 Blossom Fever: guided walking holidays in Mallorca February is a fabulous time of year in Mallorca, and it is when the almond blossom is at its best. Mallorca is famous for its almonds and every year the island comes alive with landscapes of blossoming almond trees – and thousands of visitors flying in to marvel at it’…Source:http://blog.mallorcahiking.com/blog/feed

16.01.11  What is your favourite place to walk in Mallorca? Tell us your favourite spot and why – just click on the comment button and tell us now…

16.01.11  An easy walking excursion with lunch Wednesday at 10:00  From La Granja to beautiful Banyalbufar…

What do you expect from a Walking Holiday?

Great Expectations for WalkingIf you have never been on a Walking Holiday you may not know what to expect. Many still have visions of ramblers with canes, sleeping in hedgerows and cooking with a “Billy can” – well the good news is that walking holidays have become much more sophisticated. Here’s a little overview of what to expect:

Today there is much more awareness of health and the need for exercise, and outdoor pursuits are becoming a lot more popular – which makes combining a holiday with a mixture of walking and relaxing a popular choice. Our lives move at a rapid rate now with internet, mobile connections, email, rapid transport connections, fast food and more, so this is an opportunity to slow down a bit. A walking holiday is a healthy and excellent way to see the beauty of your surroundings, delve into a little history, digest, explore and discover places off the beaten track that many others would never get to see.

At Mallorca Hiking our walking routes are varied and carefully graded at Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Difficult to allow beginners as well as experienced walkers to enjoy their holiday at a pace that is right for them. All our walks are led by an experienced local guide who will share his or her knowledge and expertise of the flora, fauna, history and culture of the island. You get to see and experience parts of the island that you would never find by yourself. All of our guides are fully qualified in first aid, so you are in safe hands at all times even in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Everything arranged for you – no stress

From hotel bookings to airport transfers, transport to and from walks, restaurant reservations, any additional activities you might like to include in your holiday, and much more – we organise everything for you, taking all the stress out of your holiday arrangements. Our team and our partners are local people, so we have local knowledge and local contacts – we know what makes Mallorca exceptional.

And throughout your holiday, we’re here to help – we’re available and contactable at all times.

And a bit of luxury

The added benefits of our holidays are the extra touches and the special interest themes that complement the physical rewards of walking and fresh air. A warm welcome and the comfort of the best local, Mallorcan, boutique accommodation; local foods: from gourmet restaurants & bodegas to many additional pastimes and local cultural events and fiestas to combine with your walking itinerary.

Choosing your walking holiday

We have a range of scheduled walking breaks so that if you’re traveling on your own you can simply book up and join one of our small groups. Alternatively, you can make up your own tailor made walking holiday exclusively for your family or group. In either case, there is always plenty of opportunity for other activities or simply to relax, take some time at the beach or read a good book in a hammock at your hotel!

We’re here to help you plan every detail

Whatever questions you may have prior to arriving in Mallorca – we are here to answer them. We’ll advise you and help provide the best solution for your holiday.

– Where do I want to walk?

– What do I want to see and do?

– How difficult and/or strenuous do I want the walks to be?

– How many miles/hours a day do I want to walk?

– Am I fit enough to do this particular walk?

– Do I simply want to go with family & friends or do I want to meet new people?

– What meals are provided and what’s the accommodation going to consist of?

These are just some of the queries we hear and with ten years experience we can assure you that you’ll arrive confident of every last detail.

Curious? Why not give us a call or drop us an email to talk through your next holiday?

Tailor Made Walking Holidays in Mallorca

Tailor Made Holidays in MallorcaWe appreciate your holiday time is a precious part of your year and it needs to deliver the fullest satisfaction for your break away from everyday life. Give yourself what YOU want in your holiday – don’t allow yourself to be herded into what a tour operator or hotel group wants to serve up. Here at Mallorca Hiking we give you a holiday, which is 100% tailor made for you – we start each trip with a blank sheet of paper. We match your dreams, your budget and your dates to our knowledge, our contacts on the ground, and our creative thinking.

Everything is planned around you – from dates, to hotels, to walking routes, to restaurants, to any other activities YOU want to include. Your Tailor Made Holiday.

Mallorca has a little known range of terrain: from mountains, to valleys, to beaches & coves, to wide open spaces. The variety is plentiful in this island paradise and there is something for everyone.

Our walking routes vary so we advise you and choose walks to suit your pace, your level and your experience. Our guides are seasoned professionals who live on the island and have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and contacts. They care about making your holiday special, and their experience and knowledge is focussed on delivering your every requirement.

We’ll help and advise you when choosing somewhere to stay – and we’ll book it for you too. We have a number of fabulous hotels that we like to work with – see our accommodation list – and they are all small, boutique hotels with a special Mallorcan charm. They will enhance your holiday experience.

Each Tailor Made holiday is a unique programme that includes the walks, excursions, additional activities and special interests that you choose. Tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll organise an itinerary to match. For example, some of our popular themes include:

–       Mallorca’s cuisine, it’s home-grown food products, and the seasonal fiestas that celebrate each, e.g. the olive fair and the honey fair, both in November

–       The history and culture of the island – see our Excursions, for example Palma’s Art & Architecture

–       The island’s wild flowers – particularly in the spring

–       Mallorca’s wines, including vineyard tours and wine tastings

Some of the additional activities that you can include in your holiday itinerary are biking, boating, diving, ballooning, helicopter tours and much more.

Alternatively if you’re traveling on your own or as a couple and you’d like to join other like-minded walkers for one of our fabulous walking holiday itineraries, we have a number of scheduled group holidays that you can sign up for. These holidays are for small groups of 8 people and are already designed with dates set, so please check our calendar for details.

Your holiday is very precious time and we understand how to get it right for you. Our guides and organisers are available all day, every day you are here in Mallorca – making sure you have everything, as you want it, when you want it. And because the people we work with know what we expect, they go that extra mile for our clients – after all, it’s often the special touches which count. Your only requirement is to relax and enjoy…

Make your holiday in 2011 one to remember with Mallorca Hiking. Contact us now to start arranging your Tailor Made Holiday.

Local Mallorquin Food specialities

frito mallorquin at mallorca hikingFollowing Mallorca Hiking’s food theme this week, let us introduce you to some great mallorcan food specialties. The island is well known already for almonds; oranges from Soller; olive oil and now some incredible wines – that are winning awards world wide.

Mallorca also has a vast range of great restaurants, many of which you will find descriptions and even interviews with the chefs at Sky Blue Mallorca.  Today we are going to start with a traditional dish that had a lowly past, but now graces the best tables and restaurants throughout the island – the unassuming Frito Mallorquin

This is an extremely delicious fried meat and vegetable dish that originally was the only way the lower classes could enjoy some meat in their food.  Now widely enjoyed by locals and fine restaurants throughout Mallorca. You can order this traditional Mallorcan dish in many Restaurants all over the island as well as featuring in many buffet menus.

The Ingredients:

1 medium piece of lamb, 1 lamb’s liver, 2 medium onions, 5 medium potatoes, 1 fennel bulb, 3-4 artichokes, 1 red pepper, 5 cloves of garlic, fresh peas, half cup of olive oil, 1 bay leaf.


–          Cut the lamb pieces and lambs liver into small bite size pieces.

–          Peel the potatoes and cut them into small bite size squares.

–          Peel and chop the onions into small pieces.

–          Wash the red peppers, remove the seeds and slice into small bite size squares.

–          Strip back the pea pods and place the peas into a cup. Alternatively frozen peas can be used, but you will need to add these to the recipe at the very end to avoid “mushy peas”.

–          Wash, peel and chop the fennel. It’s the fennel that really makes this dish and gives it a lovely taste.

–          Peel outer leaves of the artichokes. Cut the hearts of the artichokes into 6 to 8 pieces, depending on how large they are.

–          In a large and deep frying pan, fry the potatoes and the whole pieces of garlic until slightly golden in colour. Drain the oil from the potatoes and garlic and set aside in a cool place.

–          Fry the lamb gently for approximately 20 minutes in the same oil with bay leaf and salt.

–          In another frying pan, heat 5 spoonfuls of oil and add onions until they become clear add the vegetables and fry for about 15 minutes constantly stirring.

–          Place all of the fried ingredients in a large saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring very carefully. Serve hot and enjoy!

Tip: As an alternative to lamb and lambs liver you can also make this dish with beef and calves liver. Either way, this very tasty Frito Mallorquin dish is sure to please all.

Bon Profit!

Looking for more Mallorcan food specialities? Visit our blog post: Great outside, great inside – Hiking and Gourmet Food